Robert Fuller’s Media Appearances and Interviews

Robert W. Fuller regularly contributes commentary on radio and television. Some of his interviews have been archived on YouTube.

Robert W. Fuller on C-Span: Washington Journal

More clips from Robert W. Fuller’s appearance on Washington Journal can be found here.



TEDxBerkeley Talk: Dignity and Rankism 101

Discussion of Politics of Dignity at U.C. Santa Barbara

Link TV Media Watch Segment

CMAA Public Service Announcement: Community Model in Corrections – the Dignitarian Version

Long Now Foundation Lecture Series: Patient Revolution – Human Rights Past and Future

Discussion of Somebodies and Nobodies on the Tavis Smiley Show (NPR)

Howard Cosell interviews Robert W. Fuller at Oberlin

Here is a compilation of online videos related to rankism.


For more information about Robert Fuller’s television and radio appearances, contact us.


One thought to “Robert Fuller’s Media Appearances and Interviews”

  1. On I just heard
    Surprised you didn’t mention the scientific social psychology principles behind rankism, especially the work on stereotyping and group dynamics, which are the same as for other types of discrimination, prejudice and self/group identity/conflict issues. Educating people to understand the mix of innate and socialised origins of these principles operating in themselves and others is key to reducing their incidence and the damage they do to individuals and society.

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