What the Future Holds

Establishing a dignitarian society will be no tea party.
Robert W. Fuller in All Rise

The dignity movement is already underway and quietly gathering momentum. As a dignitarian culture forms in the crevices and shadows of the current social consensus, and institutions restructure themselves, a tipping point approaches. When will it be reached? Ten years from now? Fifty? No one knows. With prior movements, there were decades when nothing seemed to be happening and then, without any perceivable warning, weeks of momentous change. Most movements begin stealthily and this one for dignity is no exception. But, in due course, all of them end up in our face and one day not too long from now, the dignity movement will be similarly plain to see.

Of course, when set beside current events, the model of a dignitarian society may very well sound utopian. New social models inevitably do until moments before a new consensus displaces a prevailing one. As it turned out, Martin Luther King, Jr.'s “I have a dream” speech was not an impossible dream. It was a timely prophecy of America's imminent emergence as a multicultural society, with global ramification as well.

Every movement must deal with the reaction of those who believe it to be against their interests. In this case, as it grows in numbers, Nobody Liberation – the dignity movement – will be opposed by Somebodies using all the tactics arrayed against earlier uprisings. These range from ridicule to violent suppression, censorship to sabotage, agent provocateurs, fifth columnists, and co-option. But in the end the power elite will lose its will to resist.

Nothing can suppress forever the will to dignity, not even the will to power. In the long run dignity, like liberty, cannot and will not be denied. Indeed, liberty and dignity go hand in hand and neither will be secure until both are.


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