Theo the White Squirrel

Theo feels he doesn’t belong. He is a white squirrel, but all of his friends are gray. So when his older brother comes up with a daring plan to pilfer some gourmet nuts, Theo jumps at the chance to be the hero. Things don’t go as planned, however, and Theo finds himself trapped in a van, miles away from his family. How will he ever get home?

Theo the White Squirrel is a funny and insightful story of friendship, loyalty, recovering from failure, and discovering that it’s okay to be just who you are.

“It’s as if Mr. Rogers came back to life and wrote this book.”

“Theo the White Squirrel tackles a difficult subject in a way that kids will be able to grasp.”

“Nicely illustrated, well told, childlike without being childish.”

“Fun book for kids and adults… and perhaps an opportunity for a family read and discussion.”

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