Art and Music

Art and Music

Folk song about dignity by urban folk singer Susmit Bose:

We invite you to submit dignity-related multimedia artwork to If your material is suitable for the site, we will gladly post it here and use it for e-postcards to send your friends. This section will also eventually showcase other media, standard and experimental, through which dignity messages are being transmitted.


Dignity poster submitted by Frank Biancalana of Chicago, IL:


Rid the World of Rankism
A poem plea by Francisco Gomes de Matos

When we put a person or people down
There’s more than an act of humiliation
Because it’s on Humanity we frown
And commit a human rights violation

When we put a person or people down
There’s more than an act of minimization
Because it’s on Human Dignity we frown
And disrespect the wisdom of cooperation

When we put a person or people down
There’s more than an act of domination
Because it’s on Human Equality we frown
And of Rankism we teach perpetuation

But if we treat a person or people well
So they will share their place in the Sun
The same humanizing story we will tell
Our World has become a Family of One



Rankism in Action: Video

Click on this Flash movie to see rankism in action:


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Dignity Quotes

Using the Words Rankism and Dignitarian



One thought to “Art and Music”

  1. I like art it is a good and pleasant way to get a message across. I composed a poem last night about Dignity, but I am unable to get it typed in this box the right way. Is there some trick? Any way here is the poem. I hope you like it even though it is not in the right from. [Dignity for all] [What a wonderful thing] [It would be for all] [No prosecutionism, no bulling] [Dignity for all] [How much more efficient it would be] [If we did not make are selves feel tall] [By making others feel so small] [Oh! Oh can’t you see] [How wonderful it would be] [Dignity for all] [Dignity for all?] [Some people they might say] [Your full of half degested hay] [Your idea it just cannot stay] [Your a bleeding heart] [Your really not that smart] [Your Intellect is small] [Dignity for all] [Well I might be heading for a fall] [Wishing Dignity for all] [But maybe that’s not so at all] [Maybe Dignity for all] [Is! The only way, through the wall]

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